What the Future Holds for our Ocean

4865671f-aaaa-4dbd-8717-00b5897a95e4I hope you enjoyed our Top 5 Beaches to #OptOutside last week and spent time with your family and friends at some of the places we help protect. But what does the future hold for our beaches and waterways without Stewards and our Beach Clean Up Stations? Donate to All One Ocean today, #GivingTuesday, to help us continue to expand our community and network of Stations to protect even more of our precious waters and wildlife.

802ff042-a734-43db-96be-110578d0d1a9If our volunteer Sawyer is any indication, our future is very bright. Sawyer Miller, a third grader at Okoboji Elementary School, installed and built community support for two All One Ocean Beach Clean Up Stations on the shores of Lake Okoboji, Iowa.
Like Sawyer, you can ensure a healthy future for our beaches by making a donation to All One Ocean today.

Why now? Each year, 1.4 billion pounds of plastic trash makes its way into the ocean, killing millions of ocean creatures. It would be easy to feel overwhelmed by this crisis. But at All One Ocean, we have a secret remedy: our community—YOU.
When Sawyer was asked by his teacher what he could do to change the world, he didn’t take the burden all upon himself. He brought his community with him. The lumberyard donated scrap lumber. Then Sawyer went before the city council to get approval for the boxes’ installation on the beaches. He approached the Okoboji Protective Association for a $210 donation for gloves and bags. Impressed, they gave him $300, enough to build another box.

Make a generous donation today to help us expand to many more shorelines the successful model we’ve exported to 24 communities.  All it takes is someone like Sawyer and you to make a difference and ensure a hopeful future for our waters and wildlife!

Many, many thanks from all of us at All One Ocean,
Hallie Austen Iglehart

P.S. Can you please give by Dec. 31? A generous donor is providing a $5,000 match donation, BUT we need your donation today to reach our goal

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d3a56716-d303-40e0-ac9f-913efa55cdeeDonate today to help us install more Beach Clean Up Stations and improve existing Stations like the one shown here at Muir Beach.

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