Mermaid Festival

Presentations from the recent Mermaid Festival on 6/12

  • Mermaid Festival, 2016


All One Ocean – Change The World with Sawyer

Can you do something to change the world? Fourth grader Sawyer Miller has answered that question with a resounding yes. After his teacher showed him AOO’s website, Sawyer built and installed two Beach Clean Up Stations on the shores of his hometown of Lake Okoboji, Iowa.

Mermaids Speak Out on Ocean Trash-extended version

A million marine wildlife deaths occur every year from ocean trash plastic, as seen in the Pacific Gyre. All One Ocean’s Beach Clean Up TLC Stations make every day Beach Clean Up Day! Stations make it easy to collect trash while enjoying the beach.


2016 Mermaid Festival

The event included a Mermaid Art Show, Auction & Sale Items, face painting, dream stories, & info on our Beach Clean-Up Stations.

From 5-6pm there was a Swim & Photo Ops with Mermaids, Merman & Merteens (kids under 7 must have their adult in the pool with them)

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